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Bitcoin’s Big Believers: 6-Digits ‘Inevitable,’ BTC Has a Better Chance of Going to $100K Than Zero

For a number of years now bitcoiners have predicted that the price of bitcoin will surpass its all-time high from 2017 and many believe it will rise to the $100k...
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A Critical Mass Of Long-Term BTC HODLers Seem To Be Making $100k Inevitable

Determining Bitcoin’s (BTC) value can be more complicated than simply looking at its current market price. “Most Bitcoins already cost at least $100,000, but probably more like $10 million,” said...
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Defi’s Rise Is Inevitable, and Fusion Is Driving This Evolution of Conventional Finance

Four billion dollars. This is the total amount of funds locked in “Defi”, growing from just one billion USD in 6 weeks. “Defi” has had a tortuous path ever since...
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Noncustodial Technology and Security Is the Inevitable Future

In an increasingly digital world, security is a high-stakes game. The identities of customers along with their privacy and financial information are all in the hands of centralized security systems....
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Bitcoin Double-Spends an Inevitable Network Feature, Legitimate or Not

Double-spending is an issue that has existed ever since Bitcoin’s (BTC) inception, and according to a recent report from ZenGo, it still persists across cryptocurrency wallets such as BRD, Ledger...
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Bitcoin’s Perfect Storm On The Horizon As Analyst Calls For ‘Inevitable’ Dollar Collapse

A new forecast from a chief Morgan Stanley executive claims the dollar is due for a severe crash that could benefit Bitcoin in a major way. What’s fueling this “inevitable”...
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New Crypto Bull Run ‘Inevitable’ Says Data Analytics Company CEO

After two years of uncertainty since 2017’s mega bull run, the signs are looking promising for a big crypto rally, says the co-founder of market analytics company Digital Assets Data. ...
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3 Key Fundamental Factors Suggest Long Lasting Bitcoin Upsurge is Inevitable

Bitcoin‘s halving is finally here, and the bullish block reduction has the entire cryptocurrency space clamoring and speculating on if it will take the asset to a new all-time high....
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