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Blockchain Interoperability: The Big Picture

Simplicity is directly proportional to efficiency; when there are fewer things to break, we expect that on average, even fewer things will do so. Asymptotically, decentralized systems are the embodiment...
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cLabs Acquires Summa to Boost Crypto Interoperability on Celo

It was a match made in Silicon Valley heaven. The token-funded startup cLabs just acquired the decentralized finance (DeFi) startup Summa, best known for making wrapped Ethereum tokens that can...
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Why Interoperability Is the Key to Future Innovation and Adoption

For years, tribalism has plagued the blockchain industry. Developers align to specific consensus protocols and defend technologies that use them, regardless of their limitations. These deeply rooted divisions are slowing...
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How One Firm Is Addressing the Interoperability Problem Posed by FATF’s Travel Rule

Crypto companies enthusiastically building solutions to bring the industry in line with anti-money laundering (AML) benchmarks may be creating their own interoperability problem. There are a number of promising and...
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Best Defi Interoperability Solutions – Exploring Fusion vs Cosmos vs Polkadot

After the famous bull market of 2017, the cryptocurrency market experienced a very long and harsh bear market. Whilst this makes for a complicated period for investors, it’s not a...
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South Korea’s ICON Releases Blockchain Interoperability Protocol

ICON (ICX), South Korea’s largest public blockchain project, released its Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) on May 28.  The protocol enables interoperability between individual blockchains, facilitating value transfer, service invocation and...
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Ethereum Gets Interoperability Boost With Ren Protocol’s RenVM Release

Ren, a decentralized finance protocol friendly to Ethereum that enables inter-blockchain liquidity, has announced the launch of the RenVM mainnet. The company said that RenVM will bring cross-chain assets to...
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Accenture–Fujitsu Project Hopes to Solve Blockchain Interoperability

While interoperability continues to pose serious challenges for enterprises leveraging blockchain networks, companies may be one step closer to breaking down these barriers.  An open-source project initiated by Fortune 500...
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Blockchains Still Lack Interoperability for Enterprise Use, WEF Says

Over the past few years, Blockchain technology integration has increased within a wide number of industries. As such, there are now hundreds of diverse blockchain networks in operation all over...
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